The Outreach – Rostov State Medical University

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Rostov State Medical University

It is a public university for higher education establishedin the year 1930.In the first graduation class,280 graduate doctors were awarded by the university.The university annually trains over 5000 students with internship and residential support .

They use advance modern technique for teaching their students.It has 91departments and over 750 teaching staffs.This university has its own clinic and apart from tha has its own base in the largest city hospitals which help students to acquire a sound practical knowledge & skills with the help of modern and equipped appliances.

The university is recognized and accredited by Ministry of Education and Science of Russian federation.
They provide MD-General Medicine Faculty-The six year programincludes first two years Para-Clinical, third year Pre-Clinical and last three years Clinical training. They provide best quality education to their students……

The Outreach